We make friends even while commuting. It is easy enough.
Maintaining good relations lasting for life is not easy.

The following is specially contributed by
Senior Branch Manager, Saraswat Bank.

What a wonderful story!

-A possible Story ? ? ?
It could be yours ! ! !

You and your best friend have a fight..To Top of the Post
You decide not to talk to him ever.

He smiles at you.
You grind your teeth at him

He speaks nice about you.
You simply ignore him.
He tries to come and talk to you.
But you just push him aside.

He thinks you are a great friend.
You think he is a terrible friend.

He writes nice notes to you,
of the best times you shared together..To Top of the Post
You write about
all the bad times together.

Deep down you know he's sorry.
But all you have now is HATE.

And then you get a note.

It reads:
Dear [yourname],
I tried to tell you,
but you didn't let me speak,
I tried to tell good things,
but you were afraid to listen.

I tried to smile at you, to take away the hate.
But now it's time to tell, although a bit late.


I have a bad condition and it is getting worse.
I'm sorry but I won't be able to see you again.
I wrote this to you today in the hospital.To Top of the Post
My time is up. I should have told you sooner.

I'm sorry about our argument,
you are such a great friend.
I promise I shall watch over you,

Lots of love

You run to the hospital to ...........,
But only his mum is left.
Her hand clasped over her face.
And she was crying.
Down on her knees she prays,
for her son to come back.To Top of the Post

You are too late.
You wish you had come earlier,
and said sorry & goodbye.

All friends have their ups and downs,
and sometimes you need to say sorry.
Don't wait for the other person to do it first.
Because you never know what could happen.

If you really love your friends and would
watch down on them when you pass away,
please send this on and show people
that you really have a heart.

Share this even if it be with one person,

If you don't send this to anyone....
You could have lost yourself a friend,To Top of the Post

Coz if when you needed a friend,
There might not be just that one soul
who could have had read this letter.To Top of the Post

"Fate determines who comes into our lives."
"The heart determines who stays".

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