How is the sex life of the filthy rich people?
Presenting an interesting study report

Ever wondered how your life would change
if you suddenly became obscenely rich?

For one, you'd have a better sex. That's the
finding of a new report by market research
and consulting company Prince & Associates, and
private wealth expert Hannah Grove, reported on its website on Monday.

The survey conducted last year looked at
the sexual views, behavior experiences
of about 600 men and women, most of whom were
married, an average age of 57 and with a
net worth of $89 million.
The findings showed the

Presenting the sexual views, behavior, sexual experiences of about
600 men and women, most of whom were
married, an average age
of 57 and with a
net worth of $89 million

majority, 63% of men and
84% of women, credited their wealth with helping them achieve a better sex life. In addition,
43% of men and
80% of women said they believe their money has let them lead more daring and exciting sex lives.

One-third of men and 72% of women are members of the mile-high club, having had sex while in flight; all had access to a private jet.

54% of men and
72% of women reported having had an extramarital affair.

"Part of having a better sex life is related to being able to surround yourself with people to help you do things in a professional capacity at office as well as at home with nannies and butlers," says Hannah Grove. "They take some of the stress and less glamorous things off your plate and free you up to do things you find personally fulfilling," Forbes quoted her as saying.

Patti Britton, a sexologist and author of The Art of Sex Coaching, says the findings aren't surprising because the respondents' extreme wealth means less
struggling to feed and house themselves and more downtime and luxuries, such as spa weekends and lavish vacations the perfect backdrop, some argue, for a robust sex life.

The web site quoted Britton, president of the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counsellors and Therapists, as saying
"Maybe money takes away the suffering and dependency on time for making a living and let's one live a life with pleasure,"

More money doesn't always equal bedroom fireworks.
Barnaby Barratt, a Santa Barbara-based sex therapist says.
Barratt says some studies have shown that people in upper-income brackets, earning more along the lines of $100,000 to $1 million a year, have
high-stress. Example professionals like stock brokers, attorneys, physicians.

A separate study done at
the Mumbai based Samadhan Center for Therapy, Education and Research in
Sexual Health, Marriage and Relationships indicates that similar principle holds true for 'creativity' and 'work efficiency' measured in terms of new inventions and discoveries.

Whether it is Pulitzer award winner or corporate honchos like Arun Sarin and Indra Nooyi, Dr. Ashok Koparday points out, "You will consistently observe that world acclaimed achievers are by default residents of affluent countries. Indian born people who are staying in North America or Europe do not have to spend their lives toiling for house, saving for daughter's marriage, child's tuitions and higher studies or medical expenses.

Besides affluence Dr. Koparday's study brings into focus another important parameter, the climate and cleanliness, which bring sense of overall well being in the residents of affluent countries. Even if a person does not work, the sultry heat in a country like India and the atmospheric dust, noise and other pollutants trigger sense of fatigue in the human biosystem.

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