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i am an 19 year old girl.
i have crohns disease so often suffer from bad diarrhea.
iv been told that this means contraception such as the pill and the morning after pill could fail to work on me.
Is this true?
if it is, could you reccomend other forms of contraception as i do not feel safe just using a condom.
Also, i read recently that ibs and crohns also can cause uncomfortbale sex and pain.
i reguarly have bad discomfort and pain during and after sex.
Could you suggest any thing that could help me?
thanks a million.

Even if you have Crohns Syndrome contraceptive measures do work and sex is a pleasure. If it


No pains only gain
Pain during sex is dyspareunia.
It is not related to Crohns Disease/inflammatory bowel disease pathology.
Colitis, inflammation of the intestine results in abdominal cramping and recurring diarrhea. If you are in pain and suffering with this on those days, you may not be sexually aroused enough. This diminished sexual arousal causes decreased lubrication in the vagina and leads to pain.

Sex, has nothing to do with pain.
Sex done correctly, means shamelessly, invigorates the body. Endorphins are released along with smooth and skeletal muscle relaxation. The neuro-endocrine-immune system are not separate, but are linked closely.

Not because of coercion from the partner, but willingly when aroused you 'enjoy' sex you may find Crohns disease becoming less frequent, less irritating.

Contraceptives and Crohns Disease
Contraceptives, including emergency contraceptive pills, are effective.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or issues.
Best regards,
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