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I am suffering from gynaecomastia.Its just that my chest is not well toned.Online thre is a medicine named gynexin wich helps reduce chest fat.I dnt want 2 undergo xpensive surgery ,so pls can u see d ingredients n let me kno whtr its safe 2 consume it or not"
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Please DO NOT consume gnexin, or any other medicine or undergo surgery.

You must be a teenager, who is feeling extremely embarrassed and disturbed having noticed that your chest does not look like that of other boys. Your chest near the breast region is soft and prominent and you are scared that you will look like girl. You are so conscious of this enlargement that you do not dare to change clothes in front of others. You are overwhelmingly ashamed. Others will laugh at you or tease you if they see is a worry that is associated with the continuous worry that you look like female and are not masculine.

Just as two human faces are not alike the chest area of different boys appears different in teenage.

Why do I have chest where breast area appears swollen like a girl's? Other boys do not have it.
(Common) Causes of Gynecomastia
The most common cause of apparent enlargement of of the breast tissue is the hormonal change that happens in puberty. It is important to remember that all men/boys do not have chest full of hair. Male actors like Govinda, Salman Khan, have sparse hair on chest.

Physiological gnyecomastia
occurs due to increased levels of Estrogens and decreased level of testosterone. Physiologic Gynecomastia can occur in new born babies, adolescent boys and aged men.

Usually the fat accumulation causes raised nipple, areoloa (dark skin just around the nipple), but does not cause enlargement of entire breast.

Pathological gynecomastia is due to several reasons, one of them being intake of certain medicines.

How to know if Testosterone level in blood is normal?

A simple and sure test.
If a boy masturbates than he can be sure that the levels of testosterone are normal.

Pathological gynecomastia is due to various reasons, one of them being medicines.

The natural variation among boys during upsurge of hormones in adolescents can cause lot of secret worry and fear. If your doubt weighs heavily on you, you must visit family physician. Whether
you have gynecomastia, or you are just bugged by false belief that you have gnyecomastia
can be clarified by objective assessment by family physician. The doctor may advice investigations either to rule out pathological gnynecomatia or to provide you with confirmation that you do not have gynecomastia.

Physiological Gynecomastia is seen in newborn, teenagers and the aged.

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