Amazing changes happen so that sexuality is fully expressed as child grows to become adult.

As body's architecture changes when a child grows to become an adult amazing transformation happens inside human body. Child grows to become an adult capable of procreation (sex if you do not mind).

Below is verbatim article from National Geographic.
By Nat Geo Inside NGC Blog
From the age of five to the age of thirty, humans go through some amazing changes. We learn to speak fluently, we pump countless facts and figures in to our brains and we push and pull our muscles so that they will grow. We put our body's through a lot and we are able to continue, for the most part, to function as if nothing is going on inside our bodies. Below are some more facts for you to learn about these great years and are also covered in the premiere of Inside The Living Body.

• By the time we are 5, we form memories that can last a lifetime.

• To make a new memory, our brain cells extend tentacles called axons and form new connections with other brain cells. We learn new information by making these connections over and over again. In childhood, our brain grows quickly so we learn fast.

• As young children, our immune system is exposed to new germs because of constant interaction with other children. Luckily, we are armed with front-line defenses such as eyebrows, eyelashes, ear hair, nose hair, mucus, sweat and tears. Plus, our skin is constantly shedding its top layer, taking bacteria with it.

• It's important to learn hygiene routines during this time. Brushing our teeth, for example, wipes out dangerous bacteria that can lead to heart disease or other ailments.

• By the time we reach 11 years of age, we are on the cusp of puberty. The hypothalamus -- the same region of the brain that regulates body heat -- releases the hormone kisspeptin into our bloodstream, triggering puberty and the production of sex hormones. Girls produce estrogen and begin to ovulate. Boys produce testosterone and sperm.

• Growth spurts are common in adolescents -- approximately 4 inches in one year. Boys double their body mass and girls gain more body fat.

• Boys' voices drop about an octave when testosterone triggers the voice box to open up and tilt forward, and the vocal chords to stretch wider.

• Not only are there changes in our external appearance, our chemical makeup and our brain at this time, but there is also a new rush of emotions, and we feel sexually attracted to each other.

• Lust, or arousal, induces a rush of adrenaline and dopamine (the "feel-good" chemical), which set off a dramatic and almost uncontrollable chain reaction in the body: Our pulse races; our blood pressure rises; our lips gorge; our pupils dilate; and our cheeks flush. For many teenagers, this leads to another milestone: a first kiss.

• In the first two decades of our life, we've grown to almost four times our original height and 21 times our original weight; our heart has beaten over a billion times and our lungs have drawn over 200 million breaths.

• We are in our prime in our 20s. In order to attract the opposite sex, we look our best -- even fixing up our hair and nails, which are nothing but modified dead skin cells.

• We exercise more, improving our already impressive lung capacity. With every breath, we inhale approximately 1 pint of air.

• People in their 20s are often familiar with that painful day-after headache known as the hangover. The headache is the result of water being sucked away from our brain by our liver, which performs an incredible 600-plus functions -- including converting poisonous chemicals such as alcohol into harmless ones.

• Exercise also bulks up our over 650 skeletal muscles. Some scientists believe that there is so much power packed in them around this time that, if all our muscles could pull in the same direction at once, we could lift more than four SUVs.

• Though we are young and active, our hearing, which was pristine in our infancy, has already begun deteriorating. Exposure to loud noises over the years destroys the tiny hair cells inside our inner ears, each about 37,000 times smaller than a grain of sand.

• In our late 20s, we may get more serious about finding a life partner, and the olfactory nerves in our nose might be our greatest asset in this area. They detect pheromones, which are much more than our body's natural scent. Pheromones carry detailed information about our genetic health and our ability to resist disease.

• When we fall in love, we are awash in dopamine -- the "feel-good" chemical -- but when we have sex, oxytocin -- the "cuddling" chemical -- also rushes through our system. It's the same hormone that binds us to our mothers as newborns. Oxytocin helps us bond to our partner/spouse and keeps us together.

• During sexual intercourse, the male releases 300 million sperm into the vagina, but only a few hundred make it all the way to the egg. Of course, it takes only one sperm to fertilize an egg -- which, if successful, occurs within 24 hours after ejaculation.

• For the next 40 weeks, a pregnant woman will undergo a gestation cycle that often includes morning sickness -- periodic, sometimes daily, vomiting. One theory says the mother's system is protecting the developing fetus from potential toxins in our food. Another suggests that it's a side effect of the mother's weakened immune system -- to stop it from attacking the developing embryo.

• At eight months pregnant, a woman's organs rearrange somewhat to make more room for the expanding uterus, her muscles and tendons are suppler and her spine is more curved. Her stomach is now compressed and rotated 45 degrees, and her lungs and heart work harder to maintain the growing baby inside her.

By NatGeo
September 13, 2007 4:46 PM

National Geographic Channel - Inside the Living Body Facts: From Age 5 through Your Twenties

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