Diabetes affects sexual function in the male as well as the female.

What exactly happens?
Is it impotence?

Is it curable?
What is the best treatment?

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I recommend that you make the beginning of this informative topic from the beginning. How diabetes affected Mr and Mrs Iyer's sexual life? The will not be covered on these pages as they are beautifully elucidated here.

Sexual dysfunction is one of the common complications of diabetes mellitus
The inability to engage in satisfactory sexual activity can erode the quality of life for the couple.
Sexual problems can increase stress, frustration and could trigger depression.

Sexual Problems in Men and Diabetes
Woman's Sexual Problems caused by Diabetes will be discussed in another chapter.
Male Sexual Problem
Relation between your Diabetes and the Erectile Dysfunctions

Length & severity of diabetes :
The longer the duration of diabetes, and the more severe it is, the more likely is the development of ED

Type of diabetes :
Men with type 1 diabetes (formerly called juvenile or insulin-dependent diabetes) are more likely than those with type 2 (formerly called adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent diabetes) to develop erectile dysfunction.
[Note: According to recent scientific evidence the Type 3 Diabetes is occuring at much younger age.]

What is ED?
Erectile Dysfunction [ED]is defined as-
“The persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is necessary for satisfying sexual intercourse.”
The word persistent is important. It means consistently on all the
attempts of sexual intercourse you have had this difficulty.

If you find that the above definition is not applicable and on some or even one occasion of sexual intercourse or even masturbation you have had good erection that lasted for enough time to have satisfactory sexual intercourse or masturbation
than you DO NOT HAVE ED.

The Sex Therapist has to ascertain if the Erectile Dysfunction [ED]you are having is ONLY because of Diabetes so that the treatment method chosen is best for your erectile dysfunction.

How does incidence of ED in people with Diabetes compare with the incidence of ED in people not having ED. Let us find other factors that can cause ED. Those factors that put you on the list of HIGH RISK for ED.


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