Many people ask for sex medicines or tonics.
Please ask yourself 100 times whether you really need medicines.
Do not be under the impression that medicines called as
  1. natural,
  2. ayurvedic,
  3. homeopathy or
  4. herbal
are SAFE.

When your present sexual and married life is good
I would suggest not to take any sort of sex medicines.

People having sexual dysfunctions benefit from a sex therapist.
However, I have to appreciate those normal people who want to
know about something with the idea of increasing pleasure
for oneself and the partner.

Sex is not only natural, but sex acts as a health booster.
I would say it is a beneficial, God given, health tonic.
Sex is advantageous or profitable for the human mind and body.
It benefits body's immune system thus helping a person to fight away infections.
It has an important role in prevention of cancer. Moreover, it is free, it helps in bonding, in keeping loving relationships and enhancing self esteem.

When you talk about sex medicine my view point is:

If for whatever reason a person wants to take medicine supplement, than
  • 1 Check whether you really need it.
  • 2 Medicines even by mistake should not harm existing sexual well being.
  • 3 Ensure that there are no side effects and no temporary effect.

what ever good sexual function is present can be maintained or enhanced by adopting healthy life style.

Choose to quit tobacco and alcohol [and addictive agents].
Make life style changes so that you get nourishing diet, thorough physical exercise and required rest.

About Exercise:
Rather than going to gymnasium or for a morning walk, exercise in the form of regular practice of dance, sports or martial arts is preferable. Age is no bar for learning these. Besides providing exercise, the alternatives to exercise in gymnasium, namely,
dance, sports, games, trek, martial arts, manual work [example in garden, or charitable institution] provide entertainment, which helps maintain regularity.
Honey moon twice a year is my favorite prescription.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your article, and I offer another secretly seductive form of NATURAL medicine. Perhaps trying sex toys?

I agree with the whole idea that medicines are not only unnatural, but unhealthy and can come with some nasty unwanted side effects. Therefore, sex toys can also be a great way of spicing up a couples sex lives and keeping the fire hot.

Cheaper than a therapist and more personal than bad drugs, adult sex toys can also be a healthy alternative.

Also, there are many adult toys that can help couples with sexual dysfunctions. These toys have been a blessing for many older couples.

I do agree with checking with a medical professional before using any product, weather herbal, medical or recreational. I hope have added another option for your readers!

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