Infidelity done by a husband.
Promiscuous Husband
The words, adultery, affair, bad faith, betrayal, cheating, extramarital relations, faithlessness, fornication, playing around, treachery are the synonyms that almost define the word 'infidelity'.

Reply to Query of a wife who was cheated.
The following is kept confidential and secret.
The Query itself, which includes investigation and story of catching the husband, wife's disbelief and bereavement. The realities of the trauma she had to bear due to husband's marital infidelity.

How, Why he cheated on his wife?

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From the Doctor’s Private Room
I get access to undisclosed, as well as just disclosed affairs in my practice..

The incident is bound to leave a painful scar for ever. Gone with the wind Margaret Mitchell's 1936 describes it as ‘broken mirror,’ cannot be mended.

Tips in brief

If he is cowed down keep an outwardly threatening attitude, as though you may take steps that will devastate him. (You will know what he fears most.) Tell him that besides what you have disclosed you have more proof and a copy of it is in the hands of 3 other people. This will make him believe the worse, though you may not know it just now. He may disclose it and beg for forgiveness. Record and preserve his talk in which he confesses.

Check yourself of HIV infection.

Make sure that legally he transfers all the property, bank accounts on your name. Do meet a lawyer/marriage counselor to know first hand your RIGHTS and powers. Inform important people (relatives in writing) and keep the documents.

Personal life:
Surely he can temporarily change his habits, but you cannot keep a watch 24 hours. Henceforth he will be specially more cautious not to get trapped.

It is possible that after being broken he transforms totally. It is also possible that he can fake this most convincingly. In the former case with the help of professional marriage counselor’s guidance, who will be able to instruct you about what changes in behavior that you need to make and embark upon a new life. The self blame in your letter is typical.

His Point of View: WHY

To be fair, I must mention that it will not surprise me if I am told that that the man's requirement for sex frequency and finesse, sexcellence was not met by you. It is important to be able appreciate sexual requirements of the man and learn to give and take sexual pleasure wildly, unabashedly. This is a weak chink in the woman's armor today. By 2020 AD this is going to change because of increased prevalence of premarital and extramarital sex, which is not related to marriage but focussed for her and his pleasure. To put it in the words of my client who had come for premarital counseling with her fiance, "A woman should be sexually as proficient as a whore". This is being professional or proficient by learning and being sensitive to sexxxual nuances. Sadly today many women are inhibited and uncouth to an extent that they can be compared to being in primary school and unwilling to learn, where the husband is a post graduate. Imagine a woman who does not know cooking and is unwilling to learn. The husband will have to eat outside.

In the latter case, good ridden of bad rubbish. Please get out. You have enough qualities to live another life if you choose to.

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