Knowing that the eve teasing that gets reported is the tip of the ice berg you would like to know about the full

For eve teasing
On the internet
Follow the netiquettes, even if you feel super confident as youth usually does.

Off the net
If eve teasing is temporary or isolated event, as when she is passing through a street where she is unlikely to tread again, or at a picnic spot, it is best overlooked.
However, if it is persistent, as while going to college, office, playground, in school, neighborhood how will you handle it?


Shout loudly or talk back loudly so that ten more people can hear.
This is VERY USEFUL and the most practical of all the methods.


eve teasing to as many people as possible,
your family members write a note to your school or college authorities, not that they will help you but as evidence it later becomes useful and you are not victimized. Let all your friends know it and relatives with whom you interact.

Public places

If you are chased: You have to go towards railway station or other public places if the miscreant is following you and you do not want him to know where you stay. These places are safe.

Using the M~F principle
Boys intuitively are ready to help female species as though they were born for it. This is the anthropological evolutionary way of males to impress females. I will say that in simpler terms. Movies from all parts of the world, all languages echo this mission of male as the rescuer. You are dud if you have not realized this weakness of men. Moreover, believe me; men consider it is an honor if you ask for help.

Putting this M-F principle into practice means you or someone on your behalf has to ask local hooligans or goonda type boys for help. These boys perhaps were with you in the same school but dropped out of school and are no better than the predator.


Lodging FIR [= making Police Complaint] a report in the police station is considered the legal method.

At least find some friend who knows some one in the police department. If not officially at least unofficially they better know so that you have an emergency telephone number to fall back upon in worse situations.

Women's Organizations

There are organizations who are wholly dedicated for issues faced by women. They have a field force, intimate knowledge about such matters, and contacts with authorities.
Example the Stree Mukti Sanghatana, whose Head Office is based in Mumbai.

News Media
It is stupid to turn to them. It is double edged weapon. They are concerned with the only one thing, that is, their sell. So they might draw unwanted publicity by making it a news item under the guise of helping or reporting.

Ideally a girl should have learned three things:
Martial Arts
Economics - Handling money
Psychology - Handling husband and in-laws.
You may be highly qualified but only that part of your education, which enables you to read this post, is what matters.

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