You worry endlessly about your child's habits. Has s/he got spoiled due to bad company? Those who are uncouth, who use vulgar words, watch blue films are the spoiled kids. The best protection or prevention from misinformation and misadventure is to talk to children about sex or arrange to give them correct scientific information. Wrong information about sex sticks on the wet cement of the growing mind and gets etched there to trouble as myths when they grow up.

Do remember that your child is growing and is curious about private parts. Child gifted with curiosity is going to explore his sexual organs and want to know about about the other gender's sex organs, what sex means, what married people do. Give your child proper Sex Education or arrange for it through school or Rotary/Lions Club for the same.

Why to give Sex Education?

Sex education,
Birth Control,
Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infection,
Social Norms and
Responsible Behavior
needs to be taught when you get the first opportunity or the slightest hint that your child is curious or has begun experimenting with genitals. What sexual parts look like, their names, functions, what are the social norms have to be told to a child, besides answering any other questions that a child may ask. If there is something that is too embarrassing about which you do not have an answer you may tell the child that you both will ask father or a doctor.
I was told that in Australia, some schools, if not all, educate children by showing educational movies that are absolutely explicit and include sexual intercourse as well as orgasms simulated by actors. Birth control methods, protection from Sexually Transmitted infections are also discussed. Sex Education is so thoroughly taught that parents need not talk separately about sex. The craze to walk to the dust bin and eat out of it no more exists. That is, the craze for Pornography, raving for Sex with Commercial Sex Workers or Others, diminishes significantly. The promiscuous sexual behavior has been found to reduce remarkably where ever sex education is provided according to several studies conducted for this purpose.

If you are an educator, teacher, then arrange for sex education talks or as a parent request the school/college to do so. You can organize such talks through your clubs, the Rotary, the Lions club. You can get the contact details of a sex counselor from directory or by contacting the editorial staff of a newspaper or magazine in which a doctor answers to questions posted to him or has his column or articles featured. Make sure that the doctor is scientifically correct and not a sham. In India almost every city has Family Planning Association of India's office. This is non governmental organization providing services and education in reproductive health.

Students are taught history, geography in great details for several years, but they are not taught the geography of their private parts even for one hour from authentic source. Sex remains mystery. This breeds misconceptions and gives rise to unrealistic expectations and marred sexual enjoyment. Parents teach about eating habits, brushing teeth, tying a tie and several things that we do not realize we would have known if someone would not have taught us. Example: Wearing a sari has to be taught, so also driving, cooking.

Responsible Sexual Behavior

Sex Education

You may request for sex education materials. You may take a print out of the e book or copy on CD or show on your PC to your child. Having more than one child (friends, for example) when watching is more beneficial and can be done in several sittings. It is better that the parent first reads it and approves.

When to give Sex Education?
It is prudent to give correct sex education at the earliest opportunity.

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