Mother's complaint that her 11 year old son, (VII standard), teases other children with his private parts.

How do I talk to my son?.

My daughter La who is 1 year younger than my son Do (12 years) told me that Do once showed his private parts. I called on his friend and he confided that Do, my son, has been showing his private parts. The friend was scared. Another friend amongst his group said they played or something. I have noticed that he would purposely brush his private parts against his sister or cousin and vex them. I have explained him and told him so many times not to do so, but he does not listen. I am tense. How to cure this disorder? Please suggest some treatment.

He has discovered one method to tease others as you described. This is not a sex disorder nor will it give rise to sex disorder of any sort in future. This is prank he is playing, which is just the way someone else would do by pulling other people's hair.
You have to stop him as you would about any other mischief.
What not to do?
We however do not recommend punishment that strongly affects him, lest he may associated sexual organs with pain or sexual act with guilt. Example: Do not scold or beat him in front of relatives or peers where he is likely to feel hurt and deeply embarrassed.
What to do?
Be firm in asserting that he stop the behavior. Punish him the way you punish him for not studying.
Do not think too much about it. If the child knows that this irritates mother, it becomes a tool to further irritate you and make you feel helpless.
Even if you leave him his prank will change to some other prank.
You may request your close relative or friend with whom he gets on well to reprimand him. If the school teacher or neighbor's mother yells at him then too he is likely to chill and stop that mischief.
You may enroll him in activity of his interest. Extracurricular activities, hobbies, like singing, elocution, drawing and painting, should be encouraged.

Do remember that your child is growing and is curious about private parts. It is prudent to give correct sex education at the earliest opportunity. We will be providing sex education materials
to those who request for it. You may take a print out of the e book or copy on CD or show on your PC to your child. Having more than one child (friends, for example) when watching is more beneficial

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