I have already discussed about oral sex.
This chapter gives definite list of sexual perversions (paraphilia). You will find suggestions to parents so that they can prevent their child from becoming a sexual pervert. You must understand that it is difficult to get data to estimate proportion of paraphilia or benefit from medical treatment. People are secretive. Paraphilia gets reported when caught by law, when instead of treatment they get imprisonment.

In the next chapter we will know more about each sexual perversion.
What are sexual perversions?
Sexual impulse disorders characterized by intensely arousing,
recurrent sexual fantasies, urges and behaviors considered
deviant with respect to cultural norms and that produce
clinically significant distress or impairment in social,
occupational or other important areas of psychosocial

Reference DSM-IV

What is not sexual perversion or paraphilia?
Normal use of sexual fantasy, activity or objects to heighten
sexual excitement are not paraphilia, because it does not cause impairment in the normal social functioning of the individual, nor harassment to others.
Hence use of variations in sexual positions, use of sex toys, sex with multiple partners (consenting) (within the purview of regional law), watching pornography do not constitute paraphilia.
A sexual deviation is not a perversion if the partners are consenting, privacy and regional law are not violated. For it to be called sexual perversion there has to be
  1. inability to resist an impulse for the sexual act,
  2. the requirement of participation by non-consenting or
  3. under-aged individuals,
  4. legal consequences,
  5. resulting sexual dysfunction, and
  6. interference with normal social relationships.

The most common paraphilias are
1. exhibitionism, or exposure of the genitals
2. fetishism, or the use of nonliving objects
3. frotteurism, or touching and rubbing against a non-consenting person
4. pedophilia, or the focus on prepubescent children
5. sexual masochism, or the receiving of humiliation or suffering
6. sexual sadism, or the inflicting of humiliation or suffering
7. transvestic fetishism, or cross-dressing
8. voyeurism, or watching others engage in undressing or sexual activity

What parents need to know regarding child's sexual behavior?

The following are situations or causes that might lead someone to become a paraphiliac:

1) parents who humiliate and punish a small boy for strutting around with an erect penis
2) a young boy who is sexually abused
3) an individual who is dressed in a woman's clothes as a form of parental punishment
4) fear of sexual performance or intimacy
5) inadequate counseling
6) excessive alcohol intake
7) physiological problems
8) sociocultural factors
9) psycho-sexual trauma

What causes sexual perversion?
Causes of Paraphilia are not known. (Doctors' call this as 'idiopathic').

More about paraphiliacs:

Generally paraphiliacs have more than one perversions. Their paraphilia is consistent and remains the same lifelong. A paraphilia can, and often does, become highly idiosyncratic and ritualized. Mostly men have paraphilia compared to women.

Associated conditions with paraphilia:

Erectile dysfunction and an inability to ejaculate may be common in attempts at sexual activity without the paraphiliac theme, hence the need becomes compulsive.
Paraphiliacs are likely to have guilt, depression, shame, isolation, and impairment in the capacity for normal social and sexual relationships.

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